The Creation of Oramus and Jane

A Documentary Film

The Creation of Oramus and Jane is a documentary film by Tyler Smith about the creation of an illustrated young adult book.  The film shows how an unexpected request of the author became a story, which expanded into a visual world.  

The film documents the process of bringing a fictional world into being from inspiration to completed work to dissemination, allowing others to create their own visual expressions of that world.  By the end, nine people of different backgrounds, ages, and artistic experience created unique expressions of the story using film, oil paint, watercolor and words

The Creation of Oramus and Jane shows how it all happened.

The full film was part of a larger installation show in 2016, featuring the film, the book’s illustrations and some of the text.


Tyler Smith


Tyler Smith is a geek at heart. His research interests are documentary film, visual anthropology, media in culture, and new technology adoption. He especially enjoys using the camera as a research tool. 

Tyler began teaching in 1997 as a graduate student. Since then he has taught television production, communication theory, research writing, and basic composition courses at Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, the University of Utah, and through various community outreach and children's art programs.

Tyler has worked in the media production field as a director, camera operator, production assistant, and editor since 1996 doing sports broadcasting, documentary film production, and production management.