A Rush of Wind Giclée

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A Rush of Wind Giclée.jpg

A Rush of Wind Giclée


Paper Size 26x20 Image Size 24x18

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36" X 24" posters printed on lustre paper are now available for three of the illustrations - the SLCC show opening poster, A Rush of WindKolbrin, and the Owl Council.  Posters are $30 each, plus $8.00 packaging and shipping and sales tax of 7.05% (for Utah residents only.) The show opening poster is shown at the bottom of this page.  It includes SLCC show dates and a caption.  Kolbrin and the Owl Council posters including their captions are pictured to the left.



Giclée Prints

In addition, a few of the book’s illustrations have been made into giclée prints.

What are Giclée Prints?

Most posters are made by photographing the original art, producing an 8 X10 transparency and then the transparency is scanned.  This two step process removes the print from the original.  In the giclée process, the prints are scanned life size into a digital capture system and then printed.  This creates very high fidelity.  This is the same system used by the National Archives, the Smithsonian and Harvard when reproducing their original art works.  Because of the quality of the scan and the printing process, the reproduction is an accurate, sharp duplicate of the original's image and coloring.

The giclée printing process itself is remarkable.  It is the highest quality reproduction process on the market.  It is a digital print making process using non-fading inks that have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years.   A Roland HiFi Jet printer is used on Arches Textured, mould-made, cold press paper - a high quality, heavy weight, acid free paper often used by watercolorists.

Only 75 giclée prints will be made of each image.  They are numbered and signed by the artist.




Giclee Pricing

Print                       Image Size        Paper Size    Price

Dawn                        24” X 18”           26” X 20”    $225

The Owl  Council   24” X 18”           26” X 20”    $225     

Ricky’s Cage            24” X 18”           26” X 20”    $225     

Jane’s Room             24” X 18”          26” X 20”    $225

A Rush of Wind       24” X 18”          26” X 20”    $225

Kolbrin                      24” X 18”          26” X 20”    $225


All giclée prices are for unframed prints.  Please add $14.95 for shipping and handling, plus 7.05% tax (for Utah residents only.)  Please note that giclée prints do not have text captions.

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